Dowsing Pendulum and Divining Rod  

Every dowsing pendulum and divining rod we carry is of the highest quality and will give you the edge of increased accuracy as well as the professional image.
We stand behind our products by giving you 100% satisfaction band huawei watch guarantee.
Dowsing Pendulum is a tool that lets us access information not available to our senses through contact with our subconscious mind. There are many theories how the information is obtained, never the less it’s been used for centuries.

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Dowsing pendulum may be nothing more than a tool to amplify the subtle reactions we experience being exposed, like everyone and everything, to the ever-present vibrations at different frequencies and different levels, providing us with a physical manifestation of them, and allowing us to identify their source and use them in some beneficial way.

Pendulum and divining rod used in dowsing are nothing else but an indicator of what we already know through intuition, acquired through our body acting as a receiver and discriminator. Although the exact source of the information or the way it enters our subconscious mind is not well defined, the most important thing is – it works!


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